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Are they biodegradable?

Turtyle straws are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are the perfect earth-friendly alternative to plastic straws, which can severely pollute and damage the environment.

Are they marine life friendly?

Turtyle paper straws are as safe for all animals as they are for you and me.

Are paper straws recyclable?

Recycling paper straws is subject to the specific recycling facility, as some recyclers will not accept food contaminated paper straw. The bright side is that paper breaks down much faster in water and in soil than other materials. Paper straws take 1-2 months to compost, and only about 6 months to break down in salt water. Turtyle recommends composting as your first option, followed by recycling.

What makes Turtyle straws the best?

They are biodegradable, carbon-free, made of FDA approved materials and the most environment-friendly straws made today. Turtyle paper straws are made in Los Angeles, CA, by local labor as we take pride in made in the USA products.

Are they FDA Approved?

Turtyle paper straws are made entirely from FDA acceptable and compliant materials. Turtyle paper straws are manufactured in the USA, with materials that are made in America as well. Turtyle straws are safe for consumers, the environment, are marine degradable and compostable.

Do your straws hold up with straw slotted lids?

While Turtyle paper straws are the most durable paper straws on the market, we do not recommend pairing them with hard plastic Starburst-style lids.

Are your straws made for hot beverages?

Turtyle straws are made for only chilled drinks. Using them in hot beverages is the one situation where our paper straws disintegrate faster. Hot beverages decrease the longevity of our straws. We suggest using a reusable coffee Straw for at home use.

How long do they hold up in liquids?

Turtyle paper straws are manufactured using an average of 33% more material than imported straws and are specifically made not to disintegrate or get soggy and fall apart. In most cases with normal use, our paper straws will last for 2-3 hours. They are specifically made to hold up for hours under normal use and not disintegrate.

Do they have any known allergens?

No, our straws have not been found to have any known allergens. They are used in various hospitals because of this.

Are they GMO free?

Yes, Turtyle paper straws do not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

Are they BPA Free?

Yes, all of Turtyle paper products are chemical-free and are printed using FDA food-grade approved ink. They are completely safe for family, friends, guests and children to use.

How much do they cost?

The price difference between paper and plastic straws varies greatly depending on quantity. Restaurants can typically make up that cost by only offering paper straws upon request. Additionally, Turtyle paper straws can be customized with any logo, color, or design and are better for the environment than harmful plastic straws.

What sizes do you offer?

Turtyle straws are made in many different sizes, depending on need and quantity

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